What you can do

You can access information provided by OpenCivitas through the following functions:


It provides a summary of data concerning local authorities and allows to compare standard expenditure with historical expenditure and to consult the most important statistical indicators to monitor management and organizational choices.

In the web portal it is possible to find data relating to municipalities from 2015 to 2016 and relating to provinces and metropolitan districts in 2015.

By clicking on the single service, you can view its specific indicators and the weight of its determinants.


It allows to display information relating to expenditure and services provided in each region on an interactive map.


It allows to compare two or more local authorities in order to benchmark the expenditure levels and the services provided in relation to the analysed function.


It allows to analyse the positioning of municipalities in relation to their expenditure levels and the services provided highlighting their performances.


This function provides accessible, usable and reusable data in .csv and .rdf formats.

Contents are divided by function/service and concern:

  • Questionnaire data
  • Standard expenditure needs
  • Historical expenditure
  • Levels of service
  • Determinants of standard expenditure needs per macro categories
  • Province indicators