Determinants of standard expenditure

The Categories include various determinants. To visualise the detail, select a category directly on the chart.


The standard expenditure for 2017, 2018 and 2019 considers the increased resources recognised by the new methodology for the social care sector approved by the CTFS (Technical Committee for Standard expenditure needs) on 30 September 2020.


Historical expenditure: is the actual expenditure incurred by a municipality in one year to provide services to citizens excluding contributions by users and passive interests.
Standard expenditure: estimates the financial needs of a local authority based on its territorial characteristics, socio-demographic aspects of resident population and services offered.
Level of the services provided: it measures on a 1:10 scale the quantity of services offered by a municipality compared to the average of municipalities with the same number of inhabitans, up to 5, services are below the average, from 6, they are above the average.
Expenditure level: measures on a 0 to 10 scale a municipality’s expenditure compared to standard expenditure, if the score is lower or equal to 5 the expenditure is lower than standard, from 6 it is higher than standard.
Determinants of Standard expenditure: for each local authority, they estimate the weight of homogeneous groups of variables used to determine the overall standard expenditure and that incurred for each service provided. These indicators underscore the municipality’s characteristics that mainly affect the estimation of the standard expenditure.

The overall standard expenditure is computed aggregating the allotment coefficients of each service according to the procedure provided for by CTFS (Technical Commission for Standard Expenditure Needs) and is not the sum of standard expenses incurred for each service.
If no anomaly is detected, municipalities' historical expenditure is reclassified among the functions according to the data reported in the questionnaire.
In the other cases the historical expenditure coincides with the Certified Financial Statements (Certificati Consuntivi
) .