OpenCivitas is the web portal providing information on local governments introduced by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and Sose to promote transparency.

The project was started by Law No. 42 of 5 May 2009 concerning fiscal federalism and the subsequent implementation provisions issued with Legislative Decree No. 216 of 26 November 2016.

These provisions started a reform process aimed to define standard expenditure needs of Italian local governments and entrusted SOSE with the development of the related calculation methods.

For the first time citizens and local  authorities can rely on a tool that allows

  • TO KNOW the data collected to define standard expenditure needs
  • TO COMPARE services provided by local authorities
  • TO UNDERSTAND socioeconomic factors affecting the total expenditure need
  • TO EVALUATE the services provided thanks to a set of indicators
  • TO ACCESS information in open data format.

The available data refer to over 6.600 municipalities, 76 provinces and 10 metropolitan districts in Regions with Ordinary Statute.

For citizens Opencivitas is a useful tool to evaluate and monitor local authorities’choices.

For local authorities it is an operative support to define the best strategies to manage and to use resources.

OpenCivitas is #transparency

OpenCivitas is #accountability

OpenCivitas is #partecipation