Variabili determinanti del fabbisogno

Le categorie comprendono una serie di variabili determinanti. Per vedere il dettaglio selezionare una categoria direttamente dal grafico.



Historical expenditure:  this is the amount actually spent by the authority in a year for the provision of services to citizens (basic shares of expenditure possibly accounted for in other missions and including labour costs) excluding expenditure for natural disasters and off-balance sheet debts. In order to identify the historical expenditure of the Administration, contributions to public finance have been excluded.
Standard needs: estimates the financial needs of a local authority based on its territorial characteristics, socio-demographic aspects of resident population and services offered.
Determinants of Standard needs:  they measure, for each authority, the weight of the homogeneous groups of variables used to determine the overall standard needs and of the individual services. These indicators highlight, therefore, which are the characteristics of the authority that mainly generate its standard needs.
The current historical expenditure for the determination of the Standard Needs is taken from the SOSE questionnaire with reference to the year 2018. The overall Standard Needs is the sum of the Standard Needs of each service.