SOSE and openpolis together to explain standard expenditure needs and the fiscal federalism

From September 27th, a communication campaign born from the collaboration between Sose and Openpolis to explain the concepts underlying federalism in Italy.

Rome, 09/23/2021

A communication campaign to explain the complex but fundamental subject of local finance: #LeParoleDiOpenCivitas is the initiative born from the collaboration between SOSE and openpolis that will start on September 27th. 

Each week, for 12 weeks, the main issues and data to understand the financial relations between the State and local authorities will be addressed, from the reform of Title V of the Constitution on the path towards federalism to the definition of standard expenditure needs, from the operational mechanisms of the Municipal Solidarity Fund to "essential levels of service" (Italian acronym - LEP), to analyse the fundamental functions and services currently provided by Italian municipalities. 

The starting point of each analysis will be the data provided by OpenCivitas, the web portal created by SOSE and the Ministry of Economy and Finance to access the information concerning standard expenditure needs and the Municipal Solidarity Fund. 

The campaign uses various communication tools: in-depth articles, social cards, podcasts and newsletters. It is possible to consult the information assets on and, and SOSE's Twitter and LinkedIn profiles and Openpolis' Twitter, and Facebook profiles.  

The weekly podcast will be available on websites and social networks, on the leading distribution platforms such as Spreaker, Spotify and Google Podcast. 

SOSE is a public company that, by law and on behalf of MEF, develops the methodology for calculating standard expenditure needs and updates it annually, in constant collaboration with ANCI and other representatives of Local Authorities. 

openpolis has been studying data journalism for years, carrying out surveys of public interest on issues such as local finance, educational poverty, and cooperation. Through the web and social media, Openpolis produces and disseminates original content promoting civic mobilization. 

The #LeParoleDiOpenCivitas project grew out of the common experience of two subjects that have always promoted the data culture, aware that available and transparent information on common interest issues is fundamental to enhance the quality of our public space and develop active and conscious citizenship.