FC40U Questionnaire

The FC40U questionnaire is aimed at updating and acquiring data (tax year 2017) to determine Standard Expenditure Needs of municipalities, Unions of municipalities and mountain Communities in Regions with ordinary statute and Municipalities and Unions of municipalities in Sicily.

FC40U Questionnaire

Text version of the content

The infographic describes the data requested in the questionnaire divided into 2 forms

The first form, “Structural Data”, consists of the following boxes:

  • Box A – specific elements of territory. E.g. Markets, pedestrian areas, cycle paths, green areas, etc.
  • Box B – Service management modalities E.g. Direct management, unions of municipalities, agreements, consortia, etc.
  • Box C - Characteristics of transport. E.g. Buses, metro, tram, etc.
  • Box E – Structures and employees utilized for Public Education and nurseries. E.g.: surfaces, educators, local units, etc.
  • Box F - Instrumental equipment utilized. Eg: Motor vehicles, motorcycles, special vehicles, etc.
  • Box M – Services provided. E.g. number of students, users, hours of assistance, number of sanctions, of public kennels, door-to-door waste collection, waste collection on call, tenders, projects, etc.

The second form, “Personnel and accounting data”, consists of the following boxes:

  • Box D – Human resources operating for the local authority - eg employees
  • Box T - Personnel cost. Eg: employees’ wages
  • Box S - Management expenses of local authority E.g.: expenses for services, for exceptional events, for interests and taxes, services managed in associated form, etc.
  • Box X - Accounting reclassifications and integrations.